Operating Panel

Operating Panel allows the user to control & Monitor the following parameters:
• Examination Light – On/Off
• Heater – On/Off
• Auto/Manual Mode Selection
• Heater Temperature Regulation – +/- ºC
• Infant Body Temperature via Temperature Probe

Equipment Specification

・ Microprocessor controlled heating system.
・ Open intensive care system for pre-mature and new born.
・ Temperature Control Mode: Pre-heating control, servo control & manual control.
・ Parameter display LED: Set temp, skin temp.
・ Control unit with user’s instructions in color codes.
・ Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ± 1ºC.
・ Temperature uniformity of mattress: ≤2ºC.
・ Skin temp setting range: 15.0 ºC – 42 ºC.
・Heating power: 600 – 800W Quartz.
・ Switch for operating modes: Skin or manual control
・The panels around bassinet can be turned outward.
・ Tilting Bed.
・ Rotary radiant head for X-Ray facility.
・ X-Ray cassette tray under infant bed.
・ Examination light.
・ Audible/Visual alarms: temp deviation, sensor failure, power failure, temp override.
・ Mattress tilt adjust range: 0 ±10º step less
・ Mattress tray max load: 10kg
・ Transfusion pole max load: 2kg
・ Shelf max load: 2kg

Optional Features

1. Phototherapy lights
2. Mounting beside radiant head of Infant Radiant Warmer.
3. Storage drawer
4. Intra Low-pressure suction
5. Oxygen cylinder (with oxygen manometer & oxygen flow meter)
6. Suction Pump